Application Document Checklist

The following documents will be required to complete your application for admission to be processed (excluding the Recommendation Form):

  • Copy of Student’s Passport
  • Applicant Photo
  • K1-K2: Nursery/School Report (if available)
  • Grade 1-12: Last Two End of Year Report Cards and Current School Year Term Report
  • Grade 10-12: Official High School Transcript (if available)
  • Recent Standardized Testing (if available):
    • CAT IV (Required for UAE transfer)
    • MAP
    • PSAT, SAT, or SSAT
    • State or Local Standardized Test
  • Teacher Recommendation Letters
  • Introductory Video (Grades 5-12)
  • Character Skills Snapshot(Grades 6-12)
Additional Documentation for Students of Determination

Parents are required to submit the following at the time of application. Full disclosure is required so these should be volunteered as part of the initial application.

  • Testing results or documentation used to determine eligibility for gifted and talented programs.
  • Individualized Education or Learning Plan (IEP or ILP) or 504 Plan or equivalent.
  • Any reports or testing results related to:
    • Academic/learning support
    • Emotional/behavioral support
    • Occupational therapy
    • Speech and language
  • Information about any other specialist evaluation or services
  • Psychological or psycho-educational testing results and reports

If your child is referred for evaluation or assessment or begins to receive academic, social-emotional, or behavioral support at any point during the application or admissions process, please inform the admissions office as soon as possible.