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DIPS-G believes that every student is unique in his or her own way. We actively support our students in a safe, caring, and enriching environment that allows them to grow and mature academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. Accordingly, DIPS-G supports students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), who demonstrate a reasonable ability to be successful in our academic programs. Students identified as having SEND have full access to our curriculum and are included into all aspects of the school so that they may reach their full potential. DIPS-G provides inclusive education to all its SEND students, which means school leaders and teachers are committed to dedicating the resources and services necessary to produce a least restrictive environment where individuals are fully integrated in the classroom setting.

DIPS-G meets the needs of its SEND students by:

  • Setting suitable learning targets
  • Responding to each student’s diverse learning needs
  • Adapting to and overcoming barriers to learning and assessment
  • Creating a least restrictive environment that meets their needs
  • Ensuring that all the teachers and leaders involved with SEND students are aware of the procedures for identifying, supporting, and teaching them
  • Ensuring SEND students have full access to all school activities, including extracurricular activities, so far as it is reasonably practical and relates to the child’s needs
  • Ensuring the identification of all students requiring SEND provision as early as possible in their school journey so that attainment can be raised
  • Ensuring that parents of SEND students are kept fully informed of their child(ren)’s progress and attainment
  • Ensuring that SEND students are involved, where practicable, in decisions affecting their future educations
  • Recognizing the important role of external SEND centers being involved in meeting the needs of the student and referring families to these centers in a safe and responsible manner and ensuring there is a smooth transition for the student between divisions of the school