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School History

Celebrating over 35 years of Excellence in Education, Dubai International Private School – Garhoud was founded in 1985. The school is located in the heart of Dubai and is situated in Al Garhoud area. The chosen location of the school makes it suitable to serve the most populated areas in Dubai and the northern Emirates. From vision to reality, DIPS-G celebrates over 35 years of excellence in education. The school opened as a small school in a small villa in Al Garhoud with a big ambition and vision to reshape education for future years. Over the past 35 years, the school team and faculty have been working insistently to enhancing and delivering quality.

DIPS-G opened in 1985 as a full-fledged American Curriculum school with 446 students. Over the period of 35 years, Dubai Community, witnessed the progress of the school and an enrolment growth which reached more than 2000 (Two Thousand) students in the academic year 2018-2019. Also, the school is known for the development of an interesting and innovative learning environment, providing international standards yet adhering to local culture and traditions. All DIPS-G staff members work collaboratively and professionally together, creating an environment of collegiality and support.

The school undergoes a self-evaluation process that precedes annual inspection visits of Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau (DSIB), a division of the Knowledge. Human Development Authority (KHDA). The school reflects on its status based on a set of standards set by the KHDA. Data is collected, and work scrutiny is maintained. Improvement Plans are then constructed accordingly. The school bases the next cycle of reflection and continuous improvement planning on the school’s self-evaluation and DSIB reports. Our legacy and gratefulness go to the thousands of families and students who have contributed to the school’s name, its legacy, and its success to make it the DIPS-G it is now. As we move forward towards our first jubilee, we continue to confirm and instill the promise and vision of countless and unmatched opportunities for our leaners and our community.