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Dress Code for Students

This Policy is a part of the comprehensive policy titled “Behavior for Learning Policy” – version of September 2018 which was reviewed in June 2019 by Phase Leaders and Students Support Committee.

Abiding by this policy ensures the smooth pacing of the day-to-day Teaching and Learning processes at DIPS-G and guarantees highest levels of student’s safety at all times.

Uniform Guidelines:

All students are expected to be responsible for their dress code and grooming by avoiding extremes and manifesting self-discipline with regards to the following regulations. Cooperation of parents is expected and appreciated. It is the responsibility of each student to use good judgement in his/her appearance and consider cleanliness a basic consideration.

Girls Section:

The following items of clothing are authorized and mandatory for DIPS-G students:

  • Grey long skirt. Only grades 4 and 5 girls can wear knee length skirts
  • Long gym trousers (Only when a PE class is scheduled)
  • Grades 4 to 6 can wear PE shorts in and out of the playing areas
  • Grey striped blouse. Sleeves must not be rolled up
  • School jacket with DIPS-G logo
  • Only Grade 12 students are entitled to wear approved senior jackets
  • No hooded sweaters

Prohibited Dress Items Include:

  • Bandanas, extremes in hair styles or hair colors
  • Sunglasses, nose rings, visible body piercing and excessive or inappropriate jewelry
  • Excessive and inappropriate makeup, inappropriate tattoos, colored nail varnish, and fake nails
  • Indecent clothing of any kind on school campus at any event
  • Any clothing, jewellery, or accessories that constitute a health or safety hazard
  • More than one stud earrings in the lower lobe of each ear is not permitted

Boys Section:

  • Grey trousers and school shirt
  • School jacket with DIPS-G logo
  • PE uniform to be worn only when a PE class is scheduled
  • Only Grade 12 students are allowed to wear approved senior jackets
  • No hooded sweaters