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School Transportation Service (School Bus) through BUSCO

As you know, we are always keen to put our utmost efforts to ensure the safety of students during the learning process in all models and requirements, including school transportation, which has been a goal since the beginning of the current academic year. Due to the pandemic, there have been many restrictions and conditions that had to be met regarding school transportation.

It is our pleasure to announce to you that the school has contracted with a specialized and licensed school transportation company: BUSCO PASSENGERS TRANSPORT & BUSES RENTALS LLC. DIPS-G has begun to provide school transportation service from and to school and home to our students (whose families wish to avail this service) in all grade levels since Sunday 03/01/2021. Please, visit for further information.

BUSCO designates one staff member from their side who is present on campus during working hours to communicate with parents and follow up on all matters related to registration procedures in the school transport service. The company also provides bus drivers and bus attendants who are professionally trained on all security and safety measures for school transportation in the Emirate of Dubai. The company also functions in full compliance to all precautionary procedures against COVID-19 according to the following:

  • Buses are with annual contract of disinfection/sanitization with registered companies. Regular disinfection takes place in all school buses provided. All relevant documents/proofs of such services are provided to the school.
  • Biocide – D.H.A approved Biocide (Huwa San TR50) and Sprayers will be provided by BUSCO at the school premises.
  • Drivers and school supervisors are trained and educated to spray and disinfect the buses after each trip or whenever possible on daily basis.
  • Hand sanitizers for all passengers are provided in each bus.
  • Buses come with Infrared Thermometers to check the temperature of every passenger before boarding the bus.
  • Daily check of body temperature is conducted for Drivers.
  • A protective barrier is installed between the driver and the rest of the passengers in each bus – subject to approval from RTA.

According to BUSCO policy, it is important to mention that any student who wishes to use the bus service one way will pay for both ways – there is no discount for one-way bus service. This was also the same policy which was followed by the school in all previous years.