Code of Conduct for Students

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Code of Conduct for Students

September 2018 which was reviewed in June 2019 by Phase Leaders and Students’ Support Committee.

Abiding by this policy ensures the smooth pacing of the day-to-day Teaching and Learning processes at DIPS-G and guarantees highest levels of student’s safety at all times.

As a DIPS-G student, I will:

  • Arrive at school by maximum 7:45 am each day
  • Wear the correct school uniform
  • Treat all adults and my peers with respect at all times
  • Never use verbal or physical aggression
  • Follow all rules including rules related to use of mobile phones and electronic devices.
  • Ensure that I prepare well and am ready to begin each class on time
  • Not waste time during or between lessons
  • Move around the school calmly and quietly
  • Look after the school environment and make sure not to cause damage to school property
  • Do my best to help and support others whenever I can
  • Maintain a tidy and clean look and a suitable hair style
  • Use laptops for educational purposes only whether inside or outside classrooms whenever my teachers instruct me to do so
  • Be an active member in the school community
  • Respect the different cultures of others

Behavior around the School: As a committed student at DIPS-G, I will: 

  • Respond politely and positively to requests/instructions from members of staff
  • Follow rules and directions regarding “off-limits” areas
  • Visit the food court (cafeteria/canteen) during designated break times only or when permitted by Administrative Supervisors
  • Return to class as quickly as possible after visiting the restroom
  • Always use the permission tags (cards) to leave the classroom

Behavior in the Classroom: As a disciplined student at DIPS-G, I will: 

  • Follow classroom rules at all times as they are set to make it easier for me to learn effectively
  • Not stay in class after lesson is over and during the breaks unless permitted by Administrative Supervisors
  • Not eat or drink anything other than plain water in any classroom at any time. This will help me enjoy a clean learning space (I will always keep water bottles inside or under my desk)
  • Not bring to class any food or beverages except my normal daily meals
  • Label my books and papers and keep them clean, tidy and organized
  • Not erase anything from or write anything on the white board unless I have the teacher’s permission to do so
  • Not use the classroom computer unless I have a teacher’s permission to do so
  • Not touch items on the teacher’s desk unless I have a teacher’s permission to do so
  • Sit in the place allocated by my teachers and/or Administrative Supervisors
  • Keep equipment, books, and files that I do not use in my locker to avoid cluttering the classroom
  • Visit my locker only before first period, during break time as I am heading to the food court (cafeteria/ canteen) or returning to the class at the end of the break time, or at the end of the school day. I will make sure everything I need is with me so that I do not have to ask to go to my locker during lessons.
  • Take care of school property, including books. I will not do anything that might cause damage. This includes graffiti–even in pencil!
  • Keep my copybooks neat and well organized and write the date and the learning outcomes every time to help me organize my work
  • Apply same rules and conditions in Computer and Science labs.