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Reaching the best potential of every learner in an international and inclusive environment


DIPS-G, in partnership with parents and community, strives to prepare every student to be digitally literate, a lifelong learner, and a productive citizen.


We welcome every child in our nurturing school environment where parents are engaged, and teachers are valued. The school actively supports learners in a safe, caring, inclusive, and international learning community that allows them to grow and develop academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. We aim to promote equity among all learners so that all students have access to curriculum and learning to the best of their abilities.


DIPS-G is committed to provide education following international standards yet adhering to local values and traditions.


DIPS-G is committed to developing independent, confident, and 21st Century lifelong learners by:

  • Providing a balanced, rigorous American Curriculum aligned to California State Standards in all subjects where the medium of instruction is English and to the UAE Ministry of Education standards for Arabic, Islamic Studies, Moral Education Program, and Social Studies.
  • Promoting a curriculum which accommodates to students’ wellbeing as well as physical, social, emotional, personal, cultural, and educational needs and development.
  • Creating a student-centered environment that is conducive to learning where students are engaged, dynamic, and active.
  • Ensuring an international and inclusive learning environment which provides both support and enrichment to best accommodate the diverse educational needs of students.
  • Providing interactive instructional practices and interventions which improve students’ academic achievement by raising attainment and accelerating progress based on starting points and assessment data.
  • Encouraging effective community involvement in the school life


Core Values of DIPS-G are evident in the acronym INSISTENCE.

Internationalism: DIPS-G is known for effective collaboration among all members and with the community in a diverse and international environment. Consequently, DIPS-G celebrates internationalism and diversity in a culture of openness and respect.

Nationalism: DIPS-G makes an active contribution to the local community and encourages all members to maintain a sense of belonging and pride of their culture and traditions. 

Sustainability: DIPS-G ensures that the school takes actions today to best serve the school community in a sustainable learning environment. Sustainability is supported in all school operations as well as in its curriculum.

Innovation: DIPS-G finds the courage to challenge convention. DIPS-G believes that no idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for our learners and the community. The school addresses innovation through experimenting and stimulating creativity.

Self-Discipline and Commitment: DIPS-G is committed to maintaining high standards and expectations for all learners, ensuring they are self-disciplined and committed towards working hard to achieve success.

Tolerance: DIPS-G respects differences of others, appreciates diversity of views, values and cultures, and provides a safe international and inclusive environment to all learners.

Equity: DIPS-G community strives to create opportunities for all learners to achieve success in an international, inclusive environment. The school provides support to all learners based on their individual needs.

Novelty: DIPS-G appreciates new and original ideas and actions. The school always seeks unusual opportunities in different aspects and areas.

Confidence: DIPS-G encourages learners and the community to trust their abilities and to believe in themselves. The school celebrates the success of all community members to instill pride and confidence in them.

Excellence: DIPS-G community works to continually exceed expectations. Just as we set educational standards for the school, we ensure that everything we do is delivered to a high standard. We go the extra mile for staff and learners.