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Extracurricular Activities in Kindergarten

KG families enjoy section events such as National Day, Mother’s Day, Winter Concert, Spring Carnival, and many other events.

KG1 students entertain their families, staff and friends with Annual Celebrations addressing themes every year.

All KG children participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Throughout the year, the KG celebrates International Days, National events, religious occasions, different awareness campaigns and morning assembly’s programs related to School Core Values.

Field Trips to local places of interest provide opportunities for children to extend their learning into real life.
KG children are encouraged to participate in activities that serve the community such as charitable projects “Giving Thursdays “and environmental projects.

KG children have optional Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs)

KG2 students have a formal graduation to the Elementary Section in June each year.

In the Kindergarten, children have excellent understanding, awareness and appreciation of their own cultures and other cultures from around the world living in the UAE. They are introduced to different cultures through the school core value “Internationalism” and enthusiastically celebrate diversity within their classroom during planned cultural experiences and international celebrations to deepen their understanding of world culture.

In Kindergarten, Parents are supportive, active and involved in their children’s learning; they participate in the KG events, functions and activities. Some parents visit the school as Guest Speakers & Story Tellers and others participate in the KG volunteer program.

Frequent two-way communication with parents results in genuine partnerships. Parents receive circulars on D6 to keep them informed of the KG regulations, special activities, events, offering them insight into the KG classrooms. Parents use the school website to view the Weekly Home-School Connection Letters and the learning plans which are of great impact on the children’s learning.

Teachers use ClassDojo to connect with parents to build amazing classroom communities. Our Social Media pages are a great way for parents to keep them updated with the daily activities and events held in the Kindergarten.

Extracurricular Activities in Elementary School

Elementary students participate in a wide range of extra –curricular activities. They can help improve their social skills , develop their interests and inspire them to try new things. Field trips are associated with learning themes that extend the students’ learning into real life applications. Elementary students have access to After School Activities and Clubs. Students have access to sporting competitions and events inside and outside of the school. Our students participated in “Arabic Reading Challenge, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) conservation competition, road and Transport (RTA ) competition .Throughout the year the students celebrate international events, National events and different religious occasions. Different campaigns are organized in cooperation with local community such as Dubai Police , RTA , DEWA and Dubai Municipality to raise the students’ awareness and responsibilities as active citizens towards their community.

The wellbeing and personal development is a primary focus. Students’ understanding of Islamic values in their daily life, their appreciation of Emirati culture and their developing awareness of world cultures. The students are introduced to different cultures through the school core value internationalism and by celebrating international events that deepen their understanding

Extracurricular Activities in Middle School

DIPS-G comprehensive extra-curricular program in middle school includes competitive sports to develop our students’ academic, physical strengths and skills. In athletic program, middle school students develop skills, training techniques, respect and teamwork in basketball, swimming, volleyball, and badminton. Our students can use their after-school time to enjoy activities that spark their interests, through Art, Robotics and Drama. We motivate our students to embrace STEAM with exciting, hands-on learning inside and outside of the classrooms. In after-school activities and classes, related to STEAM topics, the middle school students are given Robotics as an opportunity to explore exciting STEAM fields.

Along with our performing arts program, middle school students enrol in Art club to develop their creative expression in ceramics, sculpture, drawing and painting. Middle school students are encouraged to participate in Spelling Bee Club.

Extracurricular Activities in High School

High School students have access to impressive extra-curricular activities to empower their leadership skills. Student Government is a great way for students to participate in school matters where they can show their capability and responsibility.

Grade 9-12 students participate in sports competitions and events inside and outside the school. The High School boys are particularly keen on football competitions between the grades which are organized by the PE staff at break times. Participating in sports is a great way to showcase the High School students’ teamwork and leadership skill where every student can place an emphasis on athletics and physical fitness. Students are encouraged to be engaged in competitions to enhance their critical thinking skills.