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DIPS-G will deliver online learning for all students from Grades 6 to12 and distance learning from KG to Grade 5. Students will require a standard internet connection to access learning and are advised to work from their home rather than in a public area.

DIPS-G has chosen to use online learning platforms that teachers, parents, and students are already familiar with to facilitate effective remote learning

Microsoft Teams

All parents will have been sent the login details for Microsoft Teams by e-mail (if this is how their children will access the remote learning content.)From within Teams teaching staff will be able to upload lesson content to students for all their regularly timetabled lessons. Links to other online platforms may be referenced via Teams. Teachers will log on regularly to offer online support, deliver instructions for learning as required and provide live feedback to questions.

The main method of communication during online learning must be through posts on the main group landing page of each class/subject. Teachers and students can write comments in real time and upload files for comment and other documents such as photographs of their projects.

Parents and Students are required to follow the code of conduct in relation to online learning as detailed in the DIPS-G Technology Use Policy and the Behavior Learning Policy. This can be found on the school’s website. If the rules outlined in the agreement are not followed, then regular school sanctions will be applied in line with the school’s behavior policy and parents will be contacted immediately.
Teachers will plan activities that relate as closely as possible to current class content or skills as outlined on the weekly Student Online Learning Plan (SOLP). The activities will reinforce existing understanding or introduce new content as planned in regular schemes of work. Students will be able to carry out the tasks assigned by teachers independently, including accessing all content and resources. We are not expecting parents to become the class teacher, however, some additional support from home may be required. Teachers will continue to assess classwork by monitoring students work that will be submitted online. Appropriate feedback and next steps will also be given to ensure progress. Teachers will provide a mixture of live lessons and pre-recorded lessons, they will set independent learning tasks using already familiar online learning resources and content.

The Inclusion Team will contact families they work with directly to explain the expectations during the period of remote learning. This will include how to access the remote learning set by the class teacher and/or inclusion department and may include the practice of specific skills and tasks as outlined by the IEP for the term. However, this may not be applicable to all students with additional needs.
Inclusion team members, EAL teachers and Counselling staff will be available for virtual meetings with you and your child to provide support. Please ensure that you keep a routine at home. Have this done visually for Kindergarten and Elementary School and have a discussion and schedule with your child (Middle & High School).
Learning activities will be posted each week on the school website (as usual). Lesson delivery may be condensed to reduce screen time and to allow for students to complete the planned activities in a more flexible way that may be more appropriate to their remote learning environment and resources.