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Online Learning Plan Roll-Out

The purpose of this document is to outline the actions and approach Dubai International Private School-Garhoud (DIPS-G) will put into action for online learning during the upcoming weeks. We will continue to offer an effective education through our Online Learning Plan(OLP).


At DIPS-G, we are committed to delivering our high-quality education and to fulfill our school vision for our learners. We are relentless to find effective means to do so under exceptional circumstances that may require a full campus closure. In such conditions, our commitment is to provide an alternative means of education in the form of an Online Learning Plan (OLP). The OLP outlines the experience that students will have when school remains in session, but when students are unable to physically attend school because of campus closure. While an OLP cannot replicate onsite learning, our teachers can deliver powerful instruction that allows students to meet expected standards in an online environment.

The success of our OLP requires a true partnership. Firstly, our dedicated teachers will commit to careful planning, maintaining an online presence, and providing regular feedback. Our students will need to bring motivation, presence and engagement to each session and subsequent online work. Lastly, our families will need to support this alternative mode of instruction in the home environment. The result of such learning experiences will continue to support students’ academic progress and will be mindful of our students social and emotional well-being

While this may be a challenging time with some uncertainty and rapid changes, these circumstances also provide an opportunity to explore innovative learning opportunities for our students. Our learners are equipped with learning dispositions and mindsets that allow them to be flexible in their learning. Our infrastructure and faculty are prepared to support our learners. Our students are exceptionally committed and will rise to any occasion set before them. DIPS-G is prepared for this challenge and will work tirelessly to ensure that there is continuity of learning and support for our community.