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Welcome to Dubai International Private School,

Dubai International Private School, in partnership with parents and community, strives to ensure all students are digitally literate, lifelong learners, productive citizens and nurture their well-being in an inclusive learning envirnment. Through our website, you will discover the exceptional, multilingual, and international education that DIPS provides its students, as well as gain a feel for its unique ethos: “The DIPS Spirit”. Founded in 1985, Dubai International Private School is an extraordinary, K-12, co-ed, international school that is located in Al Garhoud. Anchored in tradition and a rich history, DIPS is a dynamic and innovative educational institution that is moving with confidence and energy toward the future. DIPS has joint accreditation with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and COGNIA (previously known as AdvancED).

Dubai International Private School is an American Curriculum school in Al-Garhoud area, developed to provide a rigorous American education that will prepare the next generation of students to be innovative leaders in their local and global community. Our school follows the California State Standards(CCSS) in English and Mathematics; and New Generation Science Standards(NGSS) in science where the medium of instruction is English – which identifies high standards that are aligned to the expectations of colleges in America and abroad. Besides, the school adopts the Ministry of Education curriculum in teaching Arabic language, Arts, Islamic Studies, and Moral and Social Education (MSC). These rigorous standards provide teachers, parents, and students with a set of clear expectations to ensure that all students have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career, and life upon graduation from high school, regardless of where they live. The standards promote equity by ensuring all students are well prepared to collaborate and compete with their peers in UAE and abroad.

DIPS has educated more than 5000 students throughout the years who have successfully graduated, and the legacy continues with educating more students from a wide array of backgrounds and who learn and grow together, both intellectually and personally. At DIPS, students are provided with a myriad of co-curricular activities as well as interscholastic sports and are encouraged to become socially engaged through a robust community service program. The student body is represented by a Student Council to showcase student voice and agency. Our goal is to enable our students to grow intellectually, academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

DIPS teachers and leaders are dedicated and passionate about teaching and learning. They are committed to putting students at the center of the educational process and to fostering a learning environment that is both challenging and supportive. Education at DIPS inspires young minds to hone their leadership, analytical, and problem-solving skills, as well as to develop empathy, creativity, and character.

On behalf of the DIPS community, we thank you for your interest in our school and look forward to a productive journey together.


Superintendent / School Principal