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Middle School Curriculum 

In Middle School students are provided with opportunities to take control of their learning and are empowered to show their potential to develop 21st century skills and think at higher levels. Accordingly, a student-centered environment is provided in Middle School. Learners show mature thinking and become able to communicate effectively, think critically, and connect learning to real life experiences. The Middle School Curriculum is organized to allow learners to connect learning between subjects and to the real world beyond the classroom.

At DIPS-G the Middle school program encourages building deep understanding and mastering 21st century skills. It allows students to think, inquire, communicate, investigate, create, and innovate. Students are given the opportunity to use the 4C’s Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration to enjoy learning and feel challenged to display higher order thinking skills. The school’s mission to provide education following international standards yet adhering to local traditions is supported using California State Standards.

Middle School students demonstrate strong capability to develop their knowledge and skills through challenging and integrated experiences that align with their real-world learning experiences. Lessons are integrated into the timetable such as that all students receive the opportunity to learn about UAE culture and different cultures through the school core values.  Given the opportunity to plan, learn, understand, and communicate, DIPS-G believes that an important element of sustainability is acting and celebrating the diversity in community, culture, and environment. Learning in Middle School is fun, it is meaningful, and it promotes the development of lifelong learning of knowledge, skills, and values.

At DIPS-G, students’ education and academic achievement is our utmost priority. We are always in a process of monitoring their progress and checking their attainment. Since Middle School is a transition phase, preparing students to the last cycle of school years, High School, we, at DIPS-G are pleased to announce the implementation of the STREAMING Program for our Middle School students.

STREAMING in education is a process of grouping students of similar ability levels. Students may be grouped by ability either for a subject (for example for mathematics or reading) or for all or almost all their subjects.

The purpose of streaming is to allow students to move together at the same pace where a group with a similar ability range allows the teacher to maintain a consistent pace and ensures that no one is left behind. In addition, the confidence of students is improved, as everyone has similar abilities, classmates motivate one another as they understand each other’s abilities and they move to the next phase together, as there is no difference in their learning abilities.

At DIPS-G, this plan applies for two core subjects, Math and English and it’s based on the MAP exam (Fall Expectations) of the Math and English Reading Exams.

In Math, our Middle school students (grades 6 to 8) will be divided into 7 classes or levels according to their Math MAP exam results (Fall Expectations).


These classes are:

  • Easy Math (Levels 1 &2)
  • Basic Math (Level 3)
  • Support Math (Level 4)
  • Transitional Math (Level 5)
  • Core Math (Levels 6& 7)
  • On level Math (Levels 8,9,10 and 11)
  • Advanced Math (Level 12)

Each class will have students of grades 6, 7 and 8 who received similar results in the Math MAP exam (Fall Expectations). The students will have individualized plans to follow and make progress in the subject accordingly.

In English, our Middle School students (grades 6 to 8) will be divided into 4 classes or levels based on their MAP Reading English Exam (Fall Expectations).


These classes are:

  • Easy English (Levels 1, 2 & 3)
  • Basic English (Levels 4 &5)
  • Support English (Levels 6, 7 & 8)
  • Transitional English (Levels 9, 10 & 11)

Kindly note that this plan is by no means a way of segregating students or labeling them. It is a way of supporting students and giving them the opportunity to improve and move from one level to another. Accordingly, they will reach the expected level. All our students will be able to make noticeable progress, each based on his/her class level.

This is to confirm that the students of grades 6, 7 and 8 will follow regular schedules for all other subjects taken in Middle School; they will only move out of their regular classes during Math and English Sessions. Each student will be given the Math and English class name and respective venue (Room number). Also, parents will not be requested to do anything; the whole work and all arrangements will be done at school by teachers and by students. Students have received successful orientation about this program from the Senior Leadership Team