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Wellbeing of Students 

DIPS-G will continue to provide the highest possible standards of care, welfare and support to all of its community during periods of remote learning. We acknowledge that the loss of the daily school day routine and subsequent face to face contact with our staff could negatively impact on the wellbeing of some students and indeed our parents and careers.
Our pastoral team will be available for students and their families to communicate with should any issues or concerns arise. Our school career counsellors Ms. Badera Hasan and Ms. Mary Boursalen can be contacted via e-mail and will be reaching out to the students they see on a regular basis. DIPS-G leaders and other members of the pastoral team will be posting support videos on a regular basis so all our stakeholders can regularly ‘check-in’ with their physical and mental wellbeing.
Additionally, our team of Administrative Supervisors and Subject leaders will be available for any support, feedback, and/or inquiry on Daily basis during working hours according to the chart below:

Mobile Number Office e-mail Office E-mail Name
0507366938 Khawla.ibrahim@dischool.com Administrative Supervisor – Elementary School Khawla Ibrahim
0585330538 Rony.kobrosly@dischool.com Administrative Supervisor – Boys (6,7,8) Rony Kobrosly
0585350010 Ghadeer.loukeh@dischool.com Administrative Supervisor – Girls (1-5) Ghadeer Loukeh
0505765174 Ammar.mousa@dischool.com Administrative Supervisor – Boys (9 to 12) Ammar Mousa
0551921392 Nora.amro@dischool.com Administrative Supervisor – Girls (11 & 12) Noura Amro
0506281893 Ali@dischool.com Administrative Supervisor Ali Dakroub
0566925938 Abdallah.harb@dischool.com Math Subject Leader (MS & HS) Abdullah Hareb
0553344805 Ghada.aridi@dischool.com Science Subject Leader (ES) Ghada Aridi
0503069256 Abdulghani.kadri@dischool.com Islamic Subject Leader (Grade 1 to 12) Abdul Ghani Kadri
0504558847 Mary@dischool.com Career Counsellor Mary Boursalen