Anti Bullying Policy – 2023 -2024 Dubai International Private School Garhoud   Gifted and Talented Policy 2023-2024 DIPS Vision: DIPS, in partnership with parents and community, strives to ensure all students are digitally literate, lifelong learners, productive citizens, and nurture their well-being in an inclusive learning environment.     Tel:   04-282-3524           04-282-3513 KG:    04-282-3472 Fax:   04-282-3524   P.O.Box: 15495 Email: dischool@dischool.com www.dipschool.ae       Gifted and Talented Policy Rationale: This policy outlines the procedures for identifying and supporting gifted and talented students (G/T) starting in Grade 3 at our K-12 private school. Our goal is to